You don’t hit the ball that far!

I was playing golf recently with a gentleman; we’ll call ‘Fred’, who continually claimed he hit his driver about 320 yards. I was impressed since Bubba Watson in 2014 only averaged 314 yards. Now, granted Tiger Woods averaged 323 yards recently at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, but that includes the 20-30 yards left or right of the fairway!

Nags Head Golf Links, N.C.

  This Bob Moore design is one of my favorite courses on The Outer Banks. Although only 6126 yards from the tips, this course is a bruiser. The player who steps up on the Black Tees (tips) thinking “this course is short,” is in for a rude awakening. This Scottish Links style course has all the sand and wind one could ask for. And it definitely has its share of blind shots (nine if I … Continue Reading →

Placed Ball Rolls into Hole

Situation: I was asked about a situation which arose in a friend’s foursome. The course they were playing has a green with somewhat of a steep slope on one area of the green. When the hole location is placed near the slope, it is difficult to get the ball to stay on its location once marked and replaced. The player’s original ball position was about three feet above the hole on the steep slope. After … Continue Reading →

A Golf Shot to Remember

A number of years ago, I had the pleasure of teaching and coaching young kids, ages 10 to 14, about the game of golf. Some kids had no clubs, some only a few and others were using their parents’ equipment (we all know that is not a good way to learn). I remember one 10 year old came to practice one day with his dad’s size 13 golf shoes on. When I asked him about … Continue Reading →

Competitor rinses club in water hazard

Situation: A player approached me after the round was completed but prior to the signing of score cards. The competitor had played a stroke within a water hazard but did not get the ball out of the hazard. The ball had landed in deep water and was definitely unplayable. The competitor then rinsed his club off in the water hazard. The player claimed a two stroke penalty was incurred for grounding the club in the … Continue Reading →

Three Reasons Why Tiger Won’t Win Another Major

  Let me first say, I agree Tiger is one of the greatest players to play the game. He is right up there with Jack, Arnie, Tom, Ben, Gary and Lee.  There are many greats but he is near the top. Everyone has said from the beginning, Tiger has also stated it, he will beat Jack’s total Majors won, that being eighteen. This means he would need to win nineteen (obviously) because no one wants … Continue Reading →

Ball declared lost then found prior to playing another ball

Situation: Recently during a tournament, a player hit his tee shot into an area of the course containing tall, thick grass. After searching for less than five minutes (the allotted time allowed to search for a lost ball), the player declared his ball lost and went back to re-tee. During his walk back, still inside the five minutes allowed, his playing competitor found the original ball in a very unfavorable position. The player stated he … Continue Reading →

Call your shot

Ever find yourself standing over your ball in a tough predicament? You look over and everyone in your group is staring your way. All waiting and knowing you’ll need a lot of luck to pull off the shot that’s needed. It happened to me recently. Playing my home golf course, the 10th hole, a long par five with OB on the right, lateral hazard down the left side, and fairway bunkers where I seem to … Continue Reading →

Brushing Away Stones, Loose Sand and Soil From Dropping Area

Situation: During the play of a tournament last year, a player was taking free relief from a cart path. Where he planned to drop the ball was hard pan with small stones scattered around. The player reached down and began removing the small stones (loose impediments) from the planned area to drop. After removing the small stones, he then brushed the sand and dirt away also. Did the player violate any rules in clearing the … Continue Reading →

Rivers Edge Golf Club, N.C.

  This is a great Arnold Palmer Signature Course. From the first tee shot to the last putt on eighteen, this track is not only enjoyable but very challenging. Don’t be distracted by the beautiful scenery or you might be searching for your ball somewhere in that scenery. I am a firm believer in playing from the set of tees which allows you the most enjoyment, especially when playing the course for the first time. … Continue Reading →