David Frost Doesn’t Know the Rules and Complains.

Last year at this event, The Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic, David Frost was disqualified for moving a stone in a bunker. This is a very basic rule for the tour players, similar to ‘can’t ground your club in a hazard.’ Even a rookie on the Tour, any Tour, knows this rule. Frosty has been a professional since 1981. Let’s see: 2015 minus 1981 equals 34. That’s right, 34 years as a Pro. Add this to … Continue Reading →

Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped / Rule 19

Situation: Both Player A and Player B’s ball were on the putting green. Player A’s ball was considerably off to the right and not in Player B’s line. Player A’s ball had come to rest on a sloping area of the green. Since it did not interfere with B’s line there was no rush to mark his ball. Player B made his stroke and suddenly gravity caused Player A’s ball to begin rolling down the … Continue Reading →

5 Reasons It’s Fun to Play with Chops

I think we can all agree. It’s fun playing with chops. Although most players complain about it, we all have some good laughs after the round. Not in front of the chop, heavens no! Golf etiquette somewhere in the book states, ‘get frustrated all you want while playing but hold the laughter until after the show. And by all means wait until the chop has left the building.’ Now, many of you may be asking, … Continue Reading →

Ball Lost or In Hazard? Rule 27

Situation: In a junior tournament sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic PGA recently, an interesting situation occurred in reference to a ball being lost or being in a lateral hazard. The player hit his approach shot short and left of the green near a lateral water hazard. The area around the hazard was covered with very tall, thick grass. Because all the players saw the ball going towards the hazard area, the player and the other competitors in the … Continue Reading →

Ball Unplayable Rule 28

Situation: In a weekend tournament recently, a player found what he thought was his ball in an unplayable position. He was unable to retrieve the ball and decided to drop a ball within two club lengths, no closer to the hole (Rule 28c). After playing the shot, he found the original ball about twenty feet away in a playable position. What is the ruling? Decision: The rule, Rule 28c, allows a player to drop a … Continue Reading →

Valspar Championship Update

Jordan Spieth again? Just another young player winning his second PGA tournament. Is this going to be the norm? If so, we might run out of young players before the season ends. Then again, it’s great to see this trend of young quality players contending each week. I know. Some of the veteran players are performing well also. But look at the possible reasons these young guns are beginning to be a threat; competition at … Continue Reading →

Relief From Casual Water in a Bunker

Situation: During a tournament round after heavy rains, several bunkers are almost completely filled with water. The player hit his ball into one of these bunkers. His ball was in water about two inches deep and he requested relief from the casual water. The problem the player faced was the entire bunker was filled and no area was without casual water. Along the inside edge of the bunker the water was only about a quarter … Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Hackers Give On Course Lessons

We have all played with hackers. Shoot! Some of us are hackers! For the sake of arguing, let’s say we’re not the hackers (although for some that may be tough). Hacker friends are different than hacker strangers. Hacker friends usually just agree with what you claim you did on a particular shot. “I stood right up on that one.” “Yeah, you just came out of that shot.” It doesn’t matter what you claim, the hacker … Continue Reading →

World Golf Championship and Dustin Johnson

It looks like the Harmon brothers have done it again; help to rebuild a good player into possibly a great one. Granted, Dustin Johnson may be a long way from the Golf Hall of Fame but he seems to have a lot of confidence in his game. With this level of confidence and the Harmon brothers on the team (not to mention his fiancé and new born), DJ may become a Major’s real threat. Everyone … Continue Reading →

Ball Moved When Measuring to Determine if Re-Drop Required

Situation: Early last season while officiating a Juniors Golf Tournament sponsored by the local section of the PGA, a player was taking a drop for an unplayable lie. After dropping the ball within two club lengths, the ball rolled away. The player knew if the ball had rolled more than two club lengths he would need to re-drop (something many adults don’t know). As he was measuring with his driver, the player touched the ball … Continue Reading →