Tiger Woods to Possibly Play in the Symetra Tour’s Firekeepers Casino Hotel Championship June 5-7.

Rumor has it Tiger Woods may join the ladies on the Symetra Tour at the Firekeepers Casino Hotel Championship. It appears Tiger was overheard saying, (from an unnamed source) “I can use the practice to get ready for the upcoming Majors. Hopefully I can have a top twenty finish to be invited back next year.” The former Masters Champ has been struggling with his game recently and this event might be the place to regain … Continue Reading →

45 Golf Phrases and Stupid Questions I’m Tired of Hearing

“You Da Man!” Doesn’t get much worse than this. How did that not go in? Want me to begin the list of reasons? Thought I had that. No one else did. Another one lipped out. Yea. Yea. Clean that up and let’s move on. That should have gone in. If it should have it would have. Must have hit that on the toe. Again? Never up never in. Brilliant! How did I leave that short? … Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Breaking Up

I know. I know. This break-up was last week but I have been an emotional wreck since the news broke. My sleep pattern hasn’t been this bad since Phil Mickelson finished second at the U.S. Open in 2013 for the sixth time! How can the world continue with America’s Power Couple no longer a couple? Are we all destined for failure at love? If they can’t make it, who can? Tiger has a very demanding … Continue Reading →

83 Reasons You May Be A Bad Golfer

It’s possible a number of these reasons pertain to all of us at some time or another. The problem rears its ugly head when most of these identify you on a regular basis. I stopped the list at 83 but we all know there are many more reasons you may be a bad golfer. You don’t take lessons. Unless you’re Bubba Watson, call a Pro. You don’t know who Bubba Watson is. Think pink. You always … Continue Reading →

Stonehenge Golf and Country Club, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Virginia’s Stonehenge Golf and Country Club, an Ed Ault design, is an interesting course. It has a good variety of challenging golf holes, variety of par 3s, and is very playable for the average golfer if played from the white tees. The par 5s are three shot holes for the average player and the par fours have enough variety in lengths to allow the player to use most of the clubs in the bag. … Continue Reading →