5 Reasons This Was the Best Masters

We now have a new Masters’ Champion, Jordan Spieth. Here is a 21 year old playing better than most twice his age. What is scary? How good he will be in 20 years. It’s hard to fathom.

  1. So many records broken this week:
  • First player in 79 Masters to reach 19-under par.
  • First wire-to-wire Masters Winner since Raymond Floyd in 1976.
  • Most birdies in Masters, 28.
  • Youngest player ever to lead after the first round.
  • 36 hole lowest score,130
  • 54-hole total of 200 was the lowest in Masters History.
  1. Great point made in the after round discussion when it was said, “14 under would have won 70 of the last 79 Masters. This year it was good enough for 2nd.”
  1. All the greats were in contention until the last few holes. It looked like Mickelson, Rose and McIlroy were going to pull in tight.
  1. Tiger Woods came in 17th.
  1. My wife and I had the best grilled chicken sandwich so far this year.

During the final round Jordan hit several shots which the announcers thought were risky. Going for the green with the second shot on holes 13 and 15 raised the hair on the back of the neck for a few. Jordan added to the excitement by screaming at the ball, “Go baby. Be enough.” Both times were great shots. Oh did I mention he is only 21 years old?

The biggest scare came on the 16th hole Sunday when Rose missed the birdie putt and Spieth made par. The reverse would have been a 2 shot swing giving Spieth only a 2 stroke difference going into 17. But it was not meant to be.

Even though Tiger was never a real threat, although the media made it look otherwise, he did make the cut. On Saturday, when Tiger played with Sergio Garcia, the national television coverage did not show one shot of Sergio’s. If only we hadn’t heard ‘Tiger, Tiger, Tiger,’ all four days it may have been a perfect weekend.

Tiger was mentioned so many times, it sounded like each announcer was paid an extra $10 every time they mentioned his name. If that was the case, these guys made an additional $1,000 this weekend…each!

All that being said, Jordan Spieth shot lights out for the entire tournament. Only a few mistakes and those were immediately corrected on the following holes. This kid stayed so calm, at least he looked it anyway, and he acted like it was a practice round with his buds. Oh did I mention he is only 21 years old?

Jordan Spieth has put excitement back into golf. No, he is not another Tiger. But we don’t need another Tiger rich with scandal. We need another Arnold Palmer. A gentleman with a great golf game who can represent golf in a way it should be represented; with style and class.

Congratulations also to Ben Crenshaw and his caddie Carl Jackson. This historical team mentored Jordon Spieth through Augusta National. Not only did they help with his play, they also helped show Jordan and his caddie Mike what class and style can look like.

Wonder if Jordan Spieth will build an army?


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