Call your shot

Ever find yourself standing over your ball in a tough predicament? You look over and everyone in your group is staring your way. All waiting and knowing you’ll need a lot of luck to pull off the shot that’s needed.

It happened to me recently. Playing my home golf course, the 10th hole, a long par five with OB on the right, lateral hazard down the left side, and fairway bunkers where I seem to always end up. My ball is sitting in a left side fairway bunker with the lip in front of me definitely coming into play. I’ve got 145 yards to a three tiered green, greenside bunker on the right, hazard in front and the side slopes of the green cut short enough to putt on. Of course the pin is front left just past the false front. Not the easiest hole we play. Bad part is I’m laying three and need par to keep from needing an ATM on the next tee.

cosl05_fun_hole_lg 2I look at the group and tell them what I’m going to do with this shot. This brings a resounding, “Good luck with that one”. The way I see it, if I tell them what I’m going to do, all the details, then pull it off like I saw on TV once…once, that’ll quiet the masses. If I pull it off I’ll hear, “Wow! Great shot! Holy cow”! But if it doesn’t work, instead of laughter, I’ll probably hear, “That was a tough shot anyway. Good try. That was the best you could do”.

So I pull out my 6 iron, stand over the ball, grip down slightly, I never dig my feet in (might be why I’m not a great bunker player!) and pull the trigger. I pick the ball clean off the sand and it just barely clears the front edge of the bunker, barely! It’s heading right for the green side bunker of course. But it begins to draw slightly and hits about 3 feet from the hole and somehow checks up. Just like I saw on TV once!

I casually rake the bunker. Not saying a word, I knocked the sand off my shoes; put my club back in my back and start walking to make my par. Everyone starts yelling and saying “Great shot! You got lucky on that one”. I looked over and proudly said, “Hey, I told you what I was going to do. I called it.” As I’m walking up to the green, I’m thinking, “How good was that shot! I need to focus like that on every shot. I’m good. Why am I playing with these guys?” I then go on to miss my 3 footer and remember why I’m playing with these guys! Where’s that ATM?

So the next time you’re in a tough predicament, quiet the crowd and “CALL YOUR SHOT”.

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