David Frost Doesn’t Know the Rules and Complains.

Last year at this event, The Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic, David Frost was disqualified for moving a stone in a bunker. This is a very basic rule for the tour players, similar to ‘can’t ground your club in a hazard.’ Even a rookie on the Tour, any Tour, knows this rule. Frosty has been a professional since 1981. Let’s see: 2015 minus 1981 equals 34. That’s right, 34 years as a Pro. Add this to his experience as an amateur and the number goes way up.

This year Frosty was penalized a one stroke penalty on the 17th green for dropping his ball onto his mark and causing it to move. After being advised of the one stroke penalty for moving his mark other than in the act of marking his ball, Frosty had this to say

“There is some kind of rule that says in the act of marking the ball if you drop your coin. They told me I dropped the ball, which is an act of negligence and had to incur a one-stroke penalty. I was like, `You’ve got to be kidding me. Last year disqualified and this year a one-shot penalty.’  

Give us a break Frosty! On the tour this long and don’t know the rules? I could understand if a guy in my men’s Saturday morning group didn’t know the rules and complained. But being on the Tour for all this time and two years in a row showing us how little you know about the rules. Over the last 34 years you must have made a gazillion rule violations, we just didn’t hear about them because you weren’t winning.

What a terrible example this sets for golf: A long time Tour veteran doesn’t have a clue on the rules and then complains about his lack of knowledge. What do I tell my men’s group on Saturday when they mess up? Oh, we’ll just call it a Frosty and move on.


Quotes courtesy of PGATour.com/Champions

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