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Golfers around the world have a number of different sources to read and learn all things about golf. Many sources have just one focus, such as the ‘PGA Tour’ or ‘Pretty pictures of golf courses.’ THE NEXT GOLF SHOT is different. Yes, I’ll have pretty pictures of golf courses and information about the Tours. But that’s where the similarities will end.

IMG_0642The plan is to make this site interesting, informative, different and humorous. You’ll find a Rules Discussion area which will explain how The Rules apply in different situations. Many times Rules discussions are complicated and difficult to understand. THE NEXT GOLF SHOT will break those situations down so the average player, you and I, can understand.

Course and equipment reviews will reflect my opinion, not always what the course or equipment companies might say. THE NEXT GOLF SHOT won’t rate things as many sites do. Hopefully my opinion will provide some insight and help you determine your own rating .

Over the years I have experienced life in ways which have made for some great golf stories. I’ll share many of these with you and hopefully you’ll see the humor or feel the emotions I felt. THE NEXT GOLF SHOT believes “golf is life condensed into four hour rounds.”

THE NEXT GOLF SHOT will have viewpoints and opinions which may differ with a lot of golfers and non-golfers alike. But I have always been willing and happy to wear my opinion on my sleeve. At times, it might ruffle some feathers but that’s the way it goes. Many people will disagree with me and have reasons to support their opinions. I respect that. I served in the United States Marine Corps protecting their right to disagree.

I hope you enjoy THE NEXT GOLF SHOT. I will always be happy to hear from you.


Gary Stephens


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  • peter burke says:

    Way to go Gary! It looks great. I didn’t think you were that far along with the site.

    See you tomorrow I hope.

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