Champions Tour Leaderboard Report

The Champions Tour, the best old men in golf today, return for the 3M Championship at TPC Twin Cities, Blaine, MN

WEB.COM Leaderboard Report

The WEB.COM TOUR returns for the Utah Championship presented by Zions Bank at the GC at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT

5 Reasons It’s Fun to Play with Chops

I think we can all agree. It’s fun playing with chops. Although most players complain about it, we all have some good laughs after the round. Not in front of the chop, heavens no! Golf etiquette somewhere in the book states, ‘get frustrated all you want while playing but hold the laughter until after the show. And by all means wait until the chop has left the building.’ Now, many of you may be asking, … Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Hackers Give On Course Lessons

We have all played with hackers. Shoot! Some of us are hackers! For the sake of arguing, let’s say we’re not the hackers (although for some that may be tough). Hacker friends are different than hacker strangers. Hacker friends usually just agree with what you claim you did on a particular shot. “I stood right up on that one.” “Yeah, you just came out of that shot.” It doesn’t matter what you claim, the hacker … Continue Reading →

You don’t hit the ball that far!

I was playing golf recently with a gentleman; we’ll call ‘Fred’, who continually claimed he hit his driver about 320 yards. I was impressed since Bubba Watson in 2014 only averaged 314 yards. Now, granted Tiger Woods averaged 323 yards recently at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, but that includes the 20-30 yards left or right of the fairway!

A Golf Shot to Remember

A number of years ago, I had the pleasure of teaching and coaching young kids, ages 10 to 14, about the game of golf. Some kids had no clubs, some only a few and others were using their parents’ equipment (we all know that is not a good way to learn). I remember one 10 year old came to practice one day with his dad’s size 13 golf shoes on. When I asked him about … Continue Reading →

Three Reasons Why Tiger Won’t Win Another Major

  Let me first say, I agree Tiger is one of the greatest players to play the game. He is right up there with Jack, Arnie, Tom, Ben, Gary and Lee.  There are many greats but he is near the top. Everyone has said from the beginning, Tiger has also stated it, he will beat Jack’s total Majors won, that being eighteen. This means he would need to win nineteen (obviously) because no one wants … Continue Reading →

Call your shot

Ever find yourself standing over your ball in a tough predicament? You look over and everyone in your group is staring your way. All waiting and knowing you’ll need a lot of luck to pull off the shot that’s needed. It happened to me recently. Playing my home golf course, the 10th hole, a long par five with OB on the right, lateral hazard down the left side, and fairway bunkers where I seem to … Continue Reading →