Parkland Course, The Legends, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Third course to complete The Legends in Myrtle Beach, Parkland, is a Larry Young design. Parkland is a more traditional course than Mooreland and Heathland, the other two courses at The Legends. The course condition of Parkland is excellent, manicured fairways and rough, huge receptive greens and some very deep and penal bunkers. The Parkland is one of my favorite courses. A traditional layout with eighteen different holes directs the player to use every club … Continue Reading →

Oyster Bay, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This Dan Maples design, is one of the older courses located just north of Myrtle Beach, but don’t let the term ‘older’ fool you. Oyster Bay is a very challenging and well maintained course. When you go to Oyster Bay be sure to bring a tee shot you can keep in the short grass, an effective short game and ability to putt sloping Bermuda greens. One thing you will not need at Oyster Bay is … Continue Reading →

Shaftesbury Glen Golf and Fish Club, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

This was my first time playing Shaftesbury Glen, a Clyde Johnston design, and it won’t be the last. What a great experience beginning to end. Although located about twenty minutes from restaurant row in Myrtle Beach, this course is well worth the drive. As you approach the course, you drive past what you later discover is the eighteenth hole. A beautiful lake located close to the green and a very inviting fairway gives a great … Continue Reading →

83 Reasons You May Be A Bad Golfer

It’s possible a number of these reasons pertain to all of us at some time or another. The problem rears its ugly head when most of these identify you on a regular basis. I stopped the list at 83 but we all know there are many more reasons you may be a bad golfer. You don’t take lessons. Unless you’re Bubba Watson, call a Pro. You don’t know who Bubba Watson is. Think pink. You always … Continue Reading →

Stonehenge Golf and Country Club, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Virginia’s Stonehenge Golf and Country Club, an Ed Ault design, is an interesting course. It has a good variety of challenging golf holes, variety of par 3s, and is very playable for the average golfer if played from the white tees. The par 5s are three shot holes for the average player and the par fours have enough variety in lengths to allow the player to use most of the clubs in the bag. … Continue Reading →

Golf Rules: The Basics Series Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts about the Rules of Golf. “Golf Rules: The Basics,” is an attempt to simplify the game. I have put the rules into a conversation about golf. The rules are not in any specific order or numbered. Golf Rules: The Basics Part 2 Once the ball has been put into play, you can’t touch the ball or cause it to move in any way; such as accidentally with the … Continue Reading →

Playing From a Wrong Place / Rule 20

Situation: On the 9th hole, a long par 5, a player in our group hit his 3rd shot over the green. The green has 4 bunkers, 2 located behind the green. The player saw his ball fly towards the back bunker and assumed it landed in the bunker. Upon arriving at the bunker, the player did not see his ball and believed it had plugged in the soft sand. After a 5 minute search (time … Continue Reading →

Golf Rules: The Basics Series Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts about the Rules of Golf. “Golf Rules: The Basics,” is an attempt to simplify the game. I have put the rules into a conversation about golf. The rules are not in any specific order or numbered. Golf Rules: The Basics Part I One reason so many players complain about the complexity of the Rules of Golf is because they have not read them. There are only … Continue Reading →

Relief From Casual Water in a Bunker

Situation: During a tournament round after heavy rains, several bunkers are almost completely filled with water. The player hit his ball into one of these bunkers. His ball was in water about two inches deep and he requested relief from the casual water. The problem the player faced was the entire bunker was filled and no area was without casual water. Along the inside edge of the bunker the water was only about a quarter … Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Hackers Give On Course Lessons

We have all played with hackers. Shoot! Some of us are hackers! For the sake of arguing, let’s say we’re not the hackers (although for some that may be tough). Hacker friends are different than hacker strangers. Hacker friends usually just agree with what you claim you did on a particular shot. “I stood right up on that one.” “Yeah, you just came out of that shot.” It doesn’t matter what you claim, the hacker … Continue Reading →