The Honda Classic

Harrington winning The Honda ClassicThe Honda Classic in Florida this week was exciting to follow. What a great Monday finish with Padraig Harrington winning in a playoff. What’s ironic was the 17th hole, Par 3. Harrington hits his tee shot during final round into the water to lose the lead to Berger. Then in playoff, Berger hits his shot into the water to lose the tournament. Isn’t golf great?
I also like seeing the winning score being single digits under par instead of twenty or more. This shows the course and conditions were at the level the PGA should be playing. Amateurs struggle on courses with double bogies, shots into the water and shots OB. This showed me these guys are good but human.
Poulter at Honda Classic

You have to feel bad for Ian Poulter in the loss. He hits five balls into the water during final round and loses by one. One! Fortunately he gets his golf balls for free but each time he hit one into the water it cost him about $156k for a grand total of more than $780k. Ouch!

There were so many great shots and many other not so great at The Honda Classic. Monday’s finish was full of drama from beginning to end. The leader board changed as often as a sixteen year old driver changes lane. Got to love it!

In closing, NO TIGER!

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