Three Reasons Why Tiger Won’t Win Another Major


Tiger Woods wallpapern 480370-1920x1080-[]Let me first say, I agree Tiger is one of the greatest players to play the game. He is right up there with Jack, Arnie, Tom, Ben, Gary and Lee.  There are many greats but he is near the top. Everyone has said from the beginning, Tiger has also stated it, he will beat Jack’s total Majors won, that being eighteen. This means he would need to win nineteen (obviously) because no one wants to tie the best. Tiger is short by five wins. Five! Not one, five! Here are just a few of the reasons, in my opinion, why Tiger will not win another major. Much less beat Jack’s record.

  1. Tiger’s last Major was the U.S. Open in 2008. Five years ago! Not last year, five years ago! He squeaked out a win over 45 year old Rocco Mediate in sudden death after an eighteen hole playoff came out a draw. Tiger led for three rounds but did not dominate as his had in the past. He has not actually contended since then.
  2. I agree all the greats had slumps during their careers. But they still played at the highest level of the game, just didn’t take home the trophy every time. Webster’s Dictionary defines a sports slump: a period of time when a team or player is doing poorly. Notice the word ‘poorly,’ in a way that is not good or satisfactory. The greats didn’t chili dip a half a dozen times on a course they played all the time…in the same tournament! I have played with hackers who didn’t chili dip that many times. When a former Number One in the World reaches this point, it’s over. Tiger may win another tournament, if no one else shows up.
  3. When it gets to the point where Tiger blames his ‘glutes not triggering’ for his struggles you have got to laugh.

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