How many times have we heard that in the last six months? Every time he hits a shot or two in the fairway; to be more specific his own fairway, the media goes wild. “He’s back. Yes indee dee Tiger is back!”

I believe what they really mean to say is “Tiger’s back. He’s back on track to miss another cut and take a spot away from another player who remembers how to chip and putt.” Yes, he is hitting the ball better. This means we will probably see a couple of 75s this week prior to Friday night. The only time he will see a 65 is on his dashboard heading to the airport.

Tiger Woods wall paper 1417816-1920x1080-[DesktopNexus.com]Yes, I know, “Gary don’t be a Tiger hater.” I’m really not a hater. How could I hate something that has become the joke of the golfing world. You know it. The media knows it. His caddie knows it. Shoot, even Tiger knows it! If he doesn’t know it he not only has lost his game but his sight and hearing as well. Maybe that’s it this week: the glutes are firing but the eyesight is suspect!

Tiger has become the Obama of the golfing world. Every time someone asks why things aren’t going well, he spits out a bunch of excuses which don’t make any sense at all.

After missing another cut at a Major and taking some time off with the kiddos, Tiger was back on the range working on his game, “Some of my swings just weren’t quite right and I worked on a few things and feel pretty good now” he told PGA Tour Live. Some of his swings just weren’t quite right. That is the understatement of the week!

I’ve been around golf a long time folks and someone who is 266th in the World Golf Rankings has more than just a few things not quite right. Oh, the media will make that number look better by saying, ‘Tiger is 197th in the FedEx Cup standings.’ Oh, and ‘Jack had a down year and came back to win a Major or two so don’t think it can’t happen with Tiger.’ Jack Nicklaus didn’t change his swing, his putting style, his grip, or his short game. Tiger has changed his swing more times than Jack has changed sweaters.

Face it folks. The show is over. Elvis has left the building.



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