Tiger: “One is the Loneliest Number”

I thought watching Tiger Woods chili dip a half a dozen times was bad. Then watching him miss fairways by 100 yards or sculling bunker shots across the green was getting to be the norm. It was surprising to see him make the cut at the Memorial this past week, considering how he was hitting the ball.

But then came Saturday at the Memorial. Tiger Woods shoots 85. That’s right, 85. Most golfers watching that round said to themselves, “I could have beaten Tiger today.” We know that’s not true since the conditions Saturday were just atrocious. High winds and hard putting surfaces making iron shots into the greens very difficult.

No wait: conditions were perfect for scoring. There was no wind to speak of and the greens were so soft and receptive even a low boring three wood would check up and spin back. There were so many birdies and eagles I thought I was watching Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’.

Everyone’s hero (well, not everyone’s) was having a bad day at the office. The only thing Tiger did right was hit his tee shots right. I kind of feel bad for Joe, his caddie. He’s the one yelling to Tiger, “Here it is. Over here!” Not only does he carry Tiger’s golf bag, he has to carry the humiliation as well. One can only feel so bad for Joe because you know he makes a killer income. He probably makes more than most Americans anyway.

If shooting 85 was not bad enough, he started Sunday in last place (not the first time). But it was the first time he played a professional round alone. As a single. Not even a marker to play alongside. In most cases, spectators would need to jump around or wave their hands to show their friends at home they were in Tiger’s gallery. Not this Sunday.

I think I counted about fifteen people watching Tiger play and most of them were the volunteers. To think: here is a man who was at the top of the world and adored by golfers and non-golfers of all ages. Someone who had everything a man could ask for; a successful career, a wonderful loving family, and fans screaming and crying to just be near him.

And Tiger just blew it all to have sex with women from, let’s say, different walks of life. For years he hid everything and disrespected his family and fans. He claims to have been to a ‘sex rehab center’ for treatment. How did that work out? After losing everything except his money and Nike, he went and cheated on Lindsey Vonn. Will he ever learn?

I don’t see Tiger winning another Major unless he drops down to maybe compete in the LPGA’s majors. But then that might be a stretch! Yes, many fans and talking heads believe he will win another major, but I really don’t see how.

I believe what has happened to Tiger Woods and the collapse of everything around him shows Golf Gods are for real. If you don’t believe there are Golf Gods after what has happened, then you are not a true golfer or golf fan. This is hard proof which can’t be denied.

Sunday, I thought I overheard Tiger on one of the microphones around the greens singing, Three Dog Nights, “One is the Loneliest Number.” Tiger would know.



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