Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Breaking Up

I know. I know. This break-up was last week but I have been an emotional wreck since the news broke. My sleep pattern hasn’t been this bad since Phil Mickelson finished second at the U.S. Open in 2013 for the sixth time! How can the world continue with America’s Power Couple no longer a couple? Are we all destined for failure at love? If they can’t make it, who can?

Tiger has a very demanding schedule these days: a golf tournament every four or five weeks, hit balls every day, practice chip shots until he gets one on the green, walk down the middle of the fairway to remember the feeling of having a tee shot land there, practice missing putts from five feet, have lunch and repeat.

Lindsey must be just as busy exercising in the gym and hitting the slopes every day. Traveling every four or five weeks to see Tiger play in a tournament then back to the slopes. Both have exhausting schedules although the one difference is Lindsey’s is showing positive results.

Three years of seeing America’s Power Couple walking together during practice rounds and sharing a kiss occasionally. Watching The Golf Channel and seeing photo ops of Tiger and Lindsey hugging and smiling as if they don’t have a care in the world. Reading about the wonderful times the two have together and how great she is with his two kids from his previous marriage.

We all remember that awful marriage he was part of. Married to a beautiful Swedish blonde, Elin Nordegren, who dealt with his success the best she could. Living the life most of us can only dream about: multi-million dollar homes and yachts the size of football fields, private jets to travel around the world. What a tough life being the wife of one of the greatest sports figures of our time. Then his secret life hit the fan and we realized how tough her life really was!

And now we have another shock to our system. Based on reports appearing in Page Six and Mailonline, Tiger is at it again. Lindsey told her friend the real reason for the breakup was because he confessed to cheating on her. Confessed! Not because they have tough schedules and it’s hard to spend time apart. Apparently that is okay for Tiger. It gives him space to reach out to his fans, literally, and spend some private time with them.

Could it be Tiger just can’t get along with beautiful blondes? Was it Lindsey and her success as an athlete that was making his life difficult? Was it not having a beautiful partner sitting at home taking care of his kids while he traveled the world? Did it upset him when Lindsey wore a spaghetti strap Paper Mache dress to Augusta and not the traditional white coveralls? Please tell me what is going on?

I’ll tell you what is going on: Tiger! After his life blew up in his face the first time you would think he would have learned his lesson. Nope. Having his beautiful wife divorce him and being shamed in society. Nope. You would think after having spent time in a sex-rehab center he would be a new man. Nope. Like Barry Bonds and Tom Brady, Tiger will do what needs to be done to get the results he wants. Cheat! Like the others, he feels he is above it all.

Too bad our society and the sports world are willing to look past cheating for desired results. Yes, Barry and Tom cheated in a different way. They got to remain with the love of their life and just take being ridiculed. Tiger cheated in his relationships, losing both, and again hurting those close to him and the golf world. People around the world looked up to Tiger for the player he was and the smiling face they saw.

We now see why Tiger always has a smile on his face: he is definitely a player.

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