Tiger Woods to Possibly Play in the Symetra Tour’s Firekeepers Casino Hotel Championship June 5-7.

Rumor has it Tiger Woods may join the ladies on the Symetra Tour at the Firekeepers Casino Hotel Championship. It appears Tiger was overheard saying, (from an unnamed source) “I can use the practice to get ready for the upcoming Majors. Hopefully I can have a top twenty finish to be invited back next year.”

The former Masters Champ has been struggling with his game recently and this event might be the place to regain his confidence. He loves where it is being played, Battle Creek, MI. home of many a breakfast cereal. And of course we all know he loves the casinos and hotels. Most likely he will get free accommodations at the Firekeepers Casino Hotel due to his ‘frequent flyer’ card.

The Casino may have already offered Tiger free room service as well as allowing him a late check-out. The Casino has also given Tiger ‘cart blanch’ when writing checks. Instead of running a credit check, (our unnamed source tells us) the Hotel made a couple of ‘calls’ and they verified his ability to pay. He has, and still is definitely paying for his previous checks. If all goes as planned, he should not have to spend a dime, at least not on accommodations or meals.

If everything works out, Tiger might learn how to hit the fairway off the tee with his first shot. He might out drive the ladies but ending up two fairways over can definitely be a problem. He’ll be able to watch these pros chip and putt around the greens and get an inside the ropes view of how’s it’s done on tour. Tiger most likely will not play in the Pro-Am due to a conflict in his schedule. Our unnamed source tells us he might go skiing.

We hope Tiger all the best and look forward to seeing him move up to play in an LPGA event in the near future. But for now let’s hope he enjoys his week at the Firekeepers Casino Hotel gambling on the ladies in and out of the Casino.



Just in case you are one of those who believes everything you read, this article is fiction.


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