World Golf Championship and Dustin Johnson

It looks like the Harmon brothers have done it again; help to rebuild a good player into possibly a great one. Granted, Dustin Johnson may be a long way from the Golf Hall of Fame but he seems to have a lot of confidence in his game. With this level of confidence and the Harmon brothers on the team (not to mention his fiancé and new born), DJ may become a Major’s real threat.

Dustin Johnson PGAEveryone may be feeling sorry for J.B. Holmes…well maybe we should, but he is a professional and needs to finish like one. To squander a five shot head start going into Sunday and then lose it all will definitely put a dent in the confidence. But no one feels worse than he does. Although he was seen congratulating DJ after the round, which was expected, J.B. Holmes wanted to say, “Hey I gave it to you in a gift box!”

The golf gods have rewarded DJ for admitting last year he was having life problems and stepping away. Maybe now his future father-in-law, Wayne Gretzky, feels a little better about giving his lovely daughter away to DJ. The media is all a buzz about The Masters and DJ being a favorite. He may be a favorite but The Masters has its own set of pressures. We saw that when Roy Mcilroy blew his big chance at a Green Jacket.

Congratulations to Dustin Johnson on his second great WGC title and best of luck in the coming Majors. Who came in second this week? I can’t remember now.

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