You don’t hit the ball that far!

cropped-cosl17_fun_hole-2.jpgI was playing golf recently with a gentleman; we’ll call ‘Fred’, who continually claimed he hit his driver about 320 yards. I was impressed since Bubba Watson in 2014 only averaged 314 yards. Now, granted Tiger Woods averaged 323 yards recently at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, but that includes the 20-30 yards left or right of the fairway!

Fred’s bragging came about when we began discussing the new driver technology giving players possibly seven to fifteen more yards off the tee. He actually said to me, “I’m not looking for more distance. I need something to gear my distance back about twenty to thirty yards.” Are you kidding me? I have met and played with a lot of different players, amateurs and pros, and have never heard anything so outrageous and yes ‘stupid,’ in my life.

My question to him was, “Why do you carry fourteen clubs? It sounds to me like you only need to carry your driver, a sand wedge, and maybe an eight iron for the second shot of those really long par fives.”

A couple of times, when I was lucky enough to hit my tee shot past his I said, “Wow! I just crushed my drive about 350 yards!” As it turned out, my tee shot was only about 240 yards (and that’s crushing it for me). When I pointed this out to Fred he had the standard response, “I didn’t get all that one.” Fred, I don’t think you ever get all of it (you might be full of it, but seldom get all of it).

Well, Fred took that as a challenge. On the next short par four of about 335 yards (that should be in his wheelhouse), he teed up his Pinnacle, yes a Pinnacle, and took a really aggressive swing knowing if he could catch ‘all of it’ he may be able to reach this green in one. He’s thinking, “Yeah I’ll shut this guy up. Get ready dude you are about to be impressed.”

Fred let out a grunting sound and took a massive cut at it. The wind from his swing almost knocked over my stand bag but he caught every bit it. I have never seen a ball carry that far and stay in the air that long! I have also never seen a ball go that far right in my life! As we watched that Pinnacle fly high and right, I said, “Wait for it. Wait for it.” Then we heard a loud thump as his Pinnacle hit the roof on some house. Not a house nearby either.

“Wow Fred. You got every bit of that one!” His response, “I think I came over the top on that one.” Yeah, that’s it.

You don’t hit it the ball that far!


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